Half-Day Workshop

Prove the Worth of Your Marketing Department

No matter how successful your department, you'll never get the credit you deserve without communicating the story of your success. In this hands-on workshop we'll show you and your team how to effectively sell your vision and ensure that your department's work is recognized.

Get the credit you deserve.

Marketing is misunderstood. Other departments may not see the impact marketing has on the growth and success of an organization. To some, marketing are the people that run social media or turn around one-pagers. To others, they spend money on ads and must tie every dollar spent directly to a sale.

But you know that your work has an impact. You understand that a customer's relationship with your brand is something that goes much deeper than attribution could ever measure. In this half-day workshop, you'll learn how to effectively communicate your department’s value — everything that cannot be expressed by data alone.

What You'll Learn

  1. 1

    Setting Expectations

    • The importance of being opinionated
    • Set goals and timelines that deliver results
    • Sell your vision throughout the organization

  2. 2

    Building Data Narratives

    • Measure the results that matter
    • Build understanding through context
    • Convert data into stories

  3. 3

    Communicating Success

    • Establish an internal marketing program
    • Develop a reporting cadence
    • Lay the groundwork for bigger visions

Ready to Jump In?

It's time to take your marketing leadership skills to the next level. Reach out now to schedule a workshop and get to work proving the worth of your marketing.

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