12-Week Sprint

Marketing Intensive

Our flagship 12-week sprint unlocks the full potential of your marketing department. Together, we'll assess and address the core issues standing in the way of your department's success.

Jumpstart your department.

Leading a marketing department can feel impossible. Between the requests, trends, and plate spinning, it's often impossible to tell the signal from the noise. Our marketing intensive is designed to empower marketing leaders with the skills and confidence needed to identify the most impactful use of resources and pursue them relentlessly.

In just 12 weeks, you'll see tangible results and make significant progress in your marketing efforts. By the end of the program you'll have a clear plan for continued implementation. You’ll have the resources and training your team’s been missing. And you’ll be on your way to establishing yourself and your department as leaders within your organization.

The Process

  1. 1

    Intro Call

    First, we'll jump on a call to discuss the challenges you're facing and determine if the intensive is a good fit for you. Once you're ready to move forward (and all of the business details are worked out), we'll move into the assessment phase.

  2. 2

    Weeks 1 & 2

    Assessment Phase

    During this phase, we’ll work with you to gather materials and learn more about how things are currently operating.

    Our team will conduct a series of surveys — with members of your direct team, and key stakeholders from leadership and other departments. These surveys are private, but not anonymous. Only the upMarketer team will see individual responses. At the conclusion of this two week period, we will schedule the Insight Session.

  3. 3

    Week 3

    Insight Session

    In this 3-hour session we'll share the major insights gained during the assessment phase. We'll work alongside you to analyze the major gaps, roadblocks, and opportunities facing your marketing department. From there, we'll put together a detailed roadmap for how to move forward.

    This roadmap looks different for every department we work with. Some teams may be lacking the clarity that comes from a cohesive strategy. Others may be struggling to keep track of the number of requests hitting their desks due to ad hoc processes. Some teams may just be having trouble communicating the great work they're doing in a way other departments can understand.

    You'll leave the session with a precise roadmap for how the remainder of our engagement will progress, along with a checklist and homework to complete prior to our next session.

  4. 4

    Weeks 4-12


    You’ll begin implementing the roadmap established during the insight session, and we'll be standing by to give guidance and feedback. We'll plan for 5 hour-long sessions to work through specific pieces of the roadmap. You will set the cadence and the agenda for these working sessions.

    Our intensive is built so you can begin seeing positive changes very early in the process, but not all changes will be able to happen during the course of the engagement. We'll ensure you have the resources and training necessary to continue implementing the core ideas of the upMarketer framework for years to come.

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