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Why We Do It

In our years of running marketing agencies, we've worked with marketing leaders at organizations of all types and sizes. From Fortune 500s and massive global conglomerates, to SaaS startups and nonprofits, there's one thing we've observed that never changes: leading marketing departments is hard.

We consistently see smart, passionate marketing leaders get hamstrung by the nature of the marketing industry itself. They don’t get the time to think deeply about problems and look ahead to the future — in other words, what they were hired to do. Instead, they are forced to spend their time reacting to internal & external demands. They’re bombarded every day with new technologies and channels that claim to “fix” every problem — when in reality, these trends just distract from the fundamentals of effective marketing.

That’s why we started upMarketer. We’re on a mission to empower marketing leaders to unleash the full potential of their marketing departments by helping them reclaim their time, and focus on what works.

Who We Are

Kyle Morck

Kyle is the co-founder of upMarketer. He is also the VP of Strategy at Reynolds+Myers, where he helps clients create a transformational approach to B2B marketing. Kyle’s strategy, research, and consulting focuses on enabling marketing leaders to throw convention out the window and find new ways to navigate the world of modern marketing.

Kyle started in marketing through the arts world. He worked with internationally renowned nonprofit dance companies in both an executive and artistic capacity, with work featured in publications including the New York Times, The Washington Post, Dance Magazine, and Slate. As a filmmaker, Kyle has directed one feature-length film, a handful of narrative short films, and over fifty short dance films.

Hear more from Kyle on his YouTube channel.

Jeff Reynolds

Jeff is the co-founder of upMarketer and owner of marketing agency Reynolds+Myers. In his 20+ years of marketing experience, Jeff has worked extensively with enterprise companies and startups alike. Much of his work centers on helping leaders design their marketing departments in order to do away with chaos and maximize results.

Jeff was the co-owner of Rizen Creative, and the co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Product Officer of WeVorce, which he took through the prestigious startup accelerator Y Combinator. His work has been featured by Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, the BBC, and others. He is a startup school advisor at Y Combinator and author of The Monster That Ate Marketing.

Read more of Jeff's thinking in his book.


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